Residential Heating

Residential Heating

On the West Coast of BC we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We live in a climate that is so livable and the change of season is always welcome as every new season brings new opportunity and new activities. Living on the West Coast, or as the locals say “Wet Coast,” means that many of our days feel damp and if you live close to the ocean the summer evenings can be cool.

When the days or nights are damp or cold we all not only need our heating systems to work but we want them be running at peak performance. When the systems are running their best they are more energy efficient and are more dependable…plus we save money!

We install new mechanical heating systems in new and renovated residential homes and service a variety of previously installed heating systems including gas furnaces, heat pumps (air and geothermal), solar systems (active and passive) and in-floor/under-floor heating systems. The new energy saving systems offered today, along with the emerging technology, offer many heating solutions and our technicians have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your heating needs.

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From multi unit low-rise condominiums, to town houses and single-family spec homes to high end showcase “smart homes,” work in the residential sector has been a mainstay for Cairnview Mechanical Ltd.

Our experience covers a variety of residential housing including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Custom homes
  • Mixed use live-work housing
  • Social, seniors and supportive housing
  • High-end custom homes
  • Single family spec homes
  • Subdivisions

We provide a variety of services relative to the level of sophistication and price point budgeted for any given residential project. One of our key strengths is our diversity in skills to accommodate the most simple to the most sophisticated project. We deliver smart solutions for discerning customers who recognize value in engineering, function and environmental sustainability.